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On-site PBXact phone system

As the term implies, with Schmooze Com’s on-site PBXact phone system, all the equipment such as servers, cables and routers will be installed at your offices.

You would be responsible for installation and maintenance, either by appointing a company like ours, or using your own in-house IT team. That’s why we recommend on-site systems are mostly used by larger companies.

The benefits of the PBXact phone system include:

The PBXact phone system has a vast range of features to help you become more efficient and productive.

They include:

Voice recognition applications. No need to trawl though menus – control your phone simply by speaking to it!

Visual voicemail. As well as accessing voicemails in the usual way, you call also view them on your computer or phone. You can see immediately which ones you want to listen to.

Easy-to-use phone applications give you access to visual voicemail, do not disturb, parked calls, intercom, call forward and other features.

Presence can be used to show telephone users status so you don't need to call them to know what they are doing.

Instant messaging can be used to communicate with phone system users without calling them.

Computer desktop integration. Control your phone calls via your computer and see which of you colleagues are on the phone and who they are speaking to.

Custom interactive voice response (IVR). Also known as auto attendants, IVRs are used by larger organisations to direct customers more efficiently to the departments or services they need. The PBXact phone system is highly flexible and allows you to set up the IVRs in the best way for your customers and your business. You can also choose speech recognition IVRs to direct your customers through easy-to-use interactive voice menus.

Unified communications. Receive your voicemail messages in your email inbox and play them through your computer.

Find-me-follow-me allows you to simultaneously ring desk extensions, mobile phones, and other phones so you can accept calls anywhere without having to put your phone on divert.

Blast groups allows you to group people together in customer service teams and they can all receive the same voicemails.

Telecommuter support. Your off-site employees can make calls through your PBXact phone system over the internet from anywhere – whether or not they have a VoIP phone. And they can still make calls through the system even if they don’t have internet access.

Software-based phone support. Using a headset, you can make and receive calls on your computer or tablet, reducing the need for handsets. It’s ideal for customer service teams and employees who travel frequently.

Multiple conference bridges allow groups of people to hold a meeting without having to travel to one location.

Call recording is standard on PBXact phone systems.

Hot-desking allows you to log out of a phone in one office and log in on another, or even at home.

Link multiple office branches. Reduce your phone bills by dialing office extensions direct from wherever you are.

Automatic remote backup for disaster recovery. Your system will be automatically backed up onto Schmooze Com’s central servers every night. So if something goes wrong you can be up and running again in a matter of hours.

These are just some of the benefits of the PXBact phone system – click here to view more or visit Schmooze Com

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