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A VoIP business system brings flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business system has many advantages over a standard telephone system. For a start, there are substantial cost savings because making calls over the internet means you only need one line to handle multiple calls.

A VoIP business system allows you to easily direct and redirect calls. So it’s perfect if you have field staff, people working from home, or employees who travel frequently.

There are advantages for your disaster recovery plan too. If the worst happens and you have a disaster, such as a fire, your phone numbers can be seamlessly moved. There’s no need to pay for temporary numbers or mobiles because everything happens over the internet.

And calls are much cheaper via VoIP telephony especially calls to mobile phones, or to overseas numbers.

Open Source IP telephone systems

We always recommend Open Source IP telephone systems because of the many advantages they offer our clients over proprietary systems. They have a great many functions, which makes them extremely flexible. Importantly, they allow you to do everything you need without additional costs, such as extra licences, every time you want to add something.

Open Source IP telephone systems help businesses provide better customer service. For instance, configuring the way they direct customer calls is very flexible – you’ll never be dictated to by the system. And you can link easily to your CRM system so keeping track of customer details and communications is streamlined.

Because Open Source is so flexible the system can grow with you. So you could start off with a basic VoIP business system and develop it easily, often at no cost, as you expand.

Benefits overview

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Once we’ve installed your telephone system, we’ll provide training either on site or remotely. We won’t just give you standard manuals. You’ll receive customised quick reference guides for each user, together with manuals and administration guides customised to your system and site.

We also offer service contracts to give you continuing support.

Not sure about going fully Open Source for your IP telephone system?
Don’t worry - we do have alternatives.

For example the PBXact phone system by Schmooze Com provides a whole host of features based on, and extending, the core Asterisk system most of our systems are built on. The difference is, it’s fully commercially supported by the authors.

We have a direct relationship with Schmooze Com so, in the unlikely event you encounter problems we can’t resolve, we can call on them for support.

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