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Business call recording software

Business call recording software is integral to all our standard phone systems. However this may not be enough for businesses who run contact centres or who have to comply with specific regulatory requirements for call recording.

Our chosen partner for business call recording software is OrecX . We supply their Oreka Open Source based call recording system because we believe it has many benefits for our clients – and cost is one of the main ones. It’s significantly cheaper than any of the commercial products that perform the same functions and yet the facilities are equal if not better.

You can install the system yourself, but if you prefer, we can do that for you - either on site or remotely.

Oreka business call recording software comes in two versions: Open Source, and a commercial product. The Open Source product can be downloaded and used free of charge, but we recommend the commercial option if you need more functionality. We’ll help you choose the correct version for your business.

Main features

* Requires add-on module
A comprehensive web-based management interface makes managing your recorded calls simple. You can search calls using the following criteria:

Contact centres

The system has many benefits for contact centres. For example quality management and agent assessment features use a range of reports focused on agent performance and behaviour.

The system can link simple voice recording to screen captures of agent interactions during their call. So the agents who use tools, such as CRM systems most effectively, can be used to improve your overall performance.

Supervisors can monitor agents live and can dynamically control which conversations are recorded and which will be discarded. Live monitoring can also be used for agent training, assistance, and quality assurance.

The system can even record mobile phone conversations via Opticaller software. This is increasingly important for PCI and FCA compliance in the UK, and HIPAA and Truth in Lending compliance in the USA. As of 2009 the FSA required recording of all mobile phone calls dealing with orders, negotiations, or arrangement of transactions.

Together with OrecX we can provide exactly the right system for your business. Call recording software can help you improve your customer service, as well as making sure you capture important points from your conversations with colleagues and clients.

Contact us on 0330 122 7220 to discuss your call recording needs and to find out how we can help you.

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