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The Asterisk PBX telephone system

IP telephone systems are no longer new or just for pioneers. We’ve been implementing systems for over 10 years for businesses ranging from 1-2 people to over 1000.

And we’ve installed IP telephone systems in all sorts of environments from home offices to commodities trading operations, outbound contact centres, and multi-site businesses. So we have in-depth experience when matching client needs to available technology.

We confidently recommend the Open Source Asterisk PBX telephone system because it’s extremely reliable, feature-rich, and scalable. It’s the fastest growing IP telephony system in the World and has millions of users.

The Asterisk PBX telephone system has a modular design means we can build it to your precise specifications while allowing for future needs.

We believe in evolution and not revolution. So we can take a step-by-step approach to give you a system that more than meets your expectations without intimidating your staff with unknown and novel technology.

We want to make the transition from your existing system to your new one as painless as possible. So we’ll manage the project for you from first steps to implementation through to training - allowing you to get on with your business as normal.

Hosted or on site
We can provide the Open Source FreePBX system as either an on-site or hosted PBX system. If you prefer a commercially supported system then visit our pages PBXact (on-site) and PBXact SaaS (hosted) to find out more.

We provide long-term support for the system at whatever level you need - from first line helpdesk to system administration and technical assistance.

Why not get in touch to find out how an Asterisk PBX telephone system can help you become more efficient, productive, and profitable?

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